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    Rev. Roy Odhiambo

    I have had the honour and priviledge to minister with Sis. Geraldine and I want to confess she is highly anointed in the area of worship.

    If you take time to listen to her music in your quiet time, you will agree with her that she sings the WORD of GOD which in effect addresses all the ISSUES of life.

    My advice is she does some worship songs in English for her international audience.

    LAST WORD: Nya Gwassi keep singing the WORD and God will in turn address all the ISSUES that we unfortunately try to address in our music and sermons. KEEP IT UP!

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    Where do i get your Music

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    Daniel O. Ogweno

    As one who is deeply appreciative of worship, I couldn’t help but thank God for people like Geraldine. I first ‘met’ Geraldine in facebook. Didn’t even know she was a singer, until I got a programme for a leaders’ conference I was due to attend. She was to minister in worship. That is where I met Geraldine, now in person.

    She is a true worshipper whose enthusiasm is not only contagious but also a true reflection of someone who is not just out to entertaining but to express her love for the Lord and desire to mobilise the like-minded in a worship procession as well as making the Lord known to those who don’t have an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus.
    keep it up. The Lord’s hand is upon you!

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    George Abuto

    Hongera sana dada kwa huduma kupitia nyimbo. Nimeguswa na kubarikiwa sana. Utukufu kwa mungu baba, mwana na roho mtakatifu.

    Jambo la umuhimu ni kutafuta uso wa bwana, na kujua mapenzi yake kuhusu viumbe wake. tuzidi kumenyana na mungu, mpaka aguze nafsi, na huduma zetu na duniani kwa jumla.
    mpeni bwana utukufu na nguvu.

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    Minister Mwihaki

    I had the privilege of sharing with Minister Geraldine before her first recording on a saturday afternoon at PEFA church in 2008, we sat and shared for loong hours; on that saturday afternoon…..she was holding her voice recorder with the songs of album \’Damu ya Yesu\’…we had a connection in Christ.

    Now, I watch her, and see her ministry growing …. and I thank God for thus far, He has been her Ebenezer. She has come from far and she has a bright future inthe Gospel.

    Sister gal…keep singing the Gospel… you can never go wrong. Stick to the word, dont go into entertainment…then one day, God will say \"well done faithful servant.\" that is the reason why will have to keep working.

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    Geraldine Oduor

    Thanks so much. I believe in God\\\’s word. After i got filled with the Holy Spirit there was a confirmation as to what i was to do -lead people into God\\\’s presence. That is quite a honor humanly speaking. Through it all He has been so faithful. With lots of humility, its my prayer and the cry of my heart that while i live, i will live to fulfill His purposes, and bring many to His kingdom. Glory be to Him alone. LET ALL THE GLORY GO TO GOD

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    Abeddy Ngosso

    I praise the Lord God almighity.my dear Geraldine God bless u for what your doing.As your Producer i want to appreciate and thank God for u.Am so proud of you.God has taken u to another level you are blessing to my life and that is the begining.Pls endelea hivyo unatubariki sana take it up my dear. Barikiwa.

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    Just wondering about Catholic. Am one and is born again with a testimony. Must one stop being one in order to be born again or be a good singer. I love the Lord and never stopped being a Catholic. Can you stop misleading others or make it clear. Which denomination are you. Just got concerned. Thanks

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    Rita Nyakio

    she has been my teacher and i must say she was one of those who made me be born again,i always saw a role model in her.God bless u Geraldine u r a gift n blessing in my life

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    Babie you are a blessing let the Lord continue to fight for you am blessed by the interview. I remember Mirogi Girls and it ignites lot’s of memories the convent the sisters the complex God bless u dear.

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    Keep on keeping on dear,no matter what people say or do against you.Just stay forecast in uplifting God\’s name.

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    Ronald Ronnie

    Love your music for real. Refreshes my soul even though sometimes it makes me want to cry. I wonder why Geraldine. Your music takes me far. I don’t know how to pray but whenever i listen to your songs, i pray a bit. Thank you sister. Pliz keep focused and don’t get mixed up, we love you.

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    To be catholic does not in any way mean that you are on the wrong track. I think your choice of words was rather poor and insensitive, you would have rather said that being catholic was not for YOU. We each find Christ in a very special and PERSONAL way and most likely catholicism was not for you. I am catholic, I worship the one true God and I thank the Lord for saving me through the death of his son Jesus Christ. I am heaven bound, AINT NO TURNING BACK.

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