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    James M. Ojago, MD

    Mr. Ogova Ondego, Greetings!
    Nice comments in regards to Mr. Bulimo’s Book’s, “Luyia Nation”.
    Now, I have also authored a book about the Maragoli of Kenya ” Letter’s from my Dad”, in response to my daughter who once asked me if Nelson Mandela was the president of Africa. Please review it and let me know if there is anything interesting, which the new generation of Kenyan’s could learn from.
    The book is available on Amazon.com; via ebooks on: Kindle, Nooks , iTunes, and directly from the publisher: www. sarahbookpublishing.com.
    or just google my name, Dr. James M. Ojago.
    Thanks, and let me know.

    James M. Ojago., MD.


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