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    Mukiria Muturi

    I think a critical tenet of good incisive journalism is the ability to do research and background. It is unfortunate though that the standards for entertainment journalism are so low, that opinion and personal perspectives are allowed to pass as Gospel truth. Here is an article, fraught with numerous inconsistencies and half truths, yet readily allowed into and consumed in mainstream consciousness. Everything from the name of the award Kaberere received (not to mention his legacy), to erroneously naming David Kuria as chairman, to the preposterous criteria for Gloria Muliro’s music, to not visiting the website to understand who the, as she puts it, “faceless ‘Nomination Academy’” are – good grief lady, pick up the phone and fact check. It is fair and expected that journalism be critical. But it is downright lazy not to do the neccessary groundwork before hitting the PUBLISH button.


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