Why Africa’s Creativity and Lifestyle Matter

ArtMatters.Info is media partner of Broadcast, Film and Music Africa 2015 Conference & ExhibitionWelcome to ArtMatters.Info, the medium that focuses on creative, intellectual and lifestyle issues in Africa and the Diaspora.

The arts not only transcend social and cultural barriers but are a reflection of a people’s way of life. Artists occupy a position in society that enables them to provoke debate on issues too delicate to address in other fora. Any one who understands this power of the artists and the arts can use it in bringing about desired change in their society.

ArtMatters.Info is as objective and as independent as any professionally-run media organisation free of commercial, political or religious manipulation can be. Though running on the modern information communications technology backbone, ArtMatters.Info is an independent JOURNALISTIC media organisation adhering to professional standards, ethics and values of Accuracy, Fairness and Objectivity. Every effort is made to ensure that any information provided is accurate, fair and objective before publication.

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The goal of ArtMatters.Info is to enlighten humanity about Africa in the hope of creating understanding and bringing about collaboration between Africans and the rest of the world.

ArtMatters.Info is the reference point for any one–general members of the public, musicians, actors, writers, filmmakers, fine artists, designers, sculptors, trainers, journalists, publicists, models, promoters, arts foundations and councils, funders and trusts, archivists, educationists, students, researchers, travel agents, tourists, diplomats, investors– interested in the arts and culture in Africa.

The only medium of its kind devoted exclusively to the artistic and intellectual expressions and creative achievements of the region, ArtMatters.Info flaunts creativity and culture; it does not hide them in voluminous publications or make them news briefs in long, winding broadcasts.

Although having been mooted in December 2001 with the primary focus on Kenya, the vision of ArtMatters.Info expanded to ‘political’ and ‘geographic’ East Africa–Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania–when it went into business in 2002; it broadened to include the Indian Ocean Islands in 2004 and southern Africa in 2005. Come 2006, ArtMatters.Info embraced the entire mother continent and her Diaspora.

In a word, ArtMatters.Info popularises the arts and cultures of Africa by rising to the continent’s artistic, intellectual and creative aspirations and achievements.

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Ogova Ondego publishes ArtMatters.InfoThe founder of ArtMatters.Info, Ogova Ondego, is an experienced journalist, critic, creative writer, editor, publisher and producer of multimedia–print, audio and visual–content whose finger is on the pulse of the creativity and lifestyle sector of Africa. Through contacts established while serving major print and electronic media in Kenya on culture and the arts at various times, Ondego ensures that ArtMatters.Info serves authoritative content.

Singled out for ‘Outstanding Contribution Towards Volunteerism in Kenya’ during the International Year of Volunteers by the United Nations Development Programme , works full time as a producer, educator, event manager and judge in the arts, culture and media sectors of Africa.