Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ArtMatters.Info?
ArtMatters.Info is a FREE-to-access non-religious and non-political JOURNALISTIC public website, e-letter and magazine that flaunts creativity in Africa, the African Diaspora and good practice globally. Based on humanist principles, ArtMatters.Info is opposed to any form of discrimination.

What area does ArtMatters.Info cover?
Though ArtMatters.Info was conceived with the aim of reporting on Kenya and ‘political’ East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), it now covers eastern and southern Africa, the Indian Ocean islands, Africa, the African Diaspora, and good practice globally, in that order.

How does ArtMatters.Info report on Africa?
ArtMatters.Info seeks, identifies and showcases creativity in art, installation, sculpture, books, music, dance, film, video, television, fashion, beauty pageantry, puppetry, storytelling, theatre, travel, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle in Africa, African Diaspora and good practice globally. In a word, ArtMatters.Info is exclusively devoted to the artistic and intellectual expression and creative achievements and aspirations in Africa.

How does ArtMatters.Info differ from the many blogs and websites that now abound online?
Though running on the modern information communications technology backbone, ArtMatters.Info is a professional JOURNALISTIC media organisation adhering to professional standards, ethics and values of Accuracy, Fairness, and Objectivity. Every effort is made to ensure that any information provided is accurate, fair and objective before publication. ArtMatters.Info came online at the time the internet was just taking off in earnest in Kenya.

How has the focus of ArtMatters.Info changed since its founding in 2002?
ArtMatters.Info is keeping abreast of developments in social, economic and political spheres. For instance, ARtMatters.Info has widened its scope by now addressing issues touching on education, technology, business, sport, religion, tourism, awards, festivals, heritage, children, youth, women and, of course, politics!

What is the goal of ArtMatters.Info?
The goal of ArtMatters.Info is to enlighten humanity about Africa in the hope of creating understanding that leads to collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world for socio-cultural and economic development.

Why does ArtMatters.Info highlight creativity through journalism?
ArtMatters.Info is committed to helping uplift the standards of the arts and culture in Africa, especially eastern and southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, through journalism, motion pictures and related media. By covering cultures and talents in Africa and showcasing them on a global platform, ArtMatters.Info encourages and promotes creativity throughout the continent and the world.

When was ArtMatters.Info mooted?
ArtMatters.Info was conceived, designed and came into being in December 2001 as ArtOnLine. The initiative was formalised on March 18, 2002 as and launched as ArtMatters.Info.

Why was ArtMatters.Info founded?
ArtMatters.Info was founded out of the realisation that existing print and electronic media had neglected the intellectual expression and lifestyle issues in preference for political and economic matters which, though important, should not be taken as the only focus in life.

Who uses ArtMatters.Info?
Those who use this website include, but are not limited to, creative and cultural entrepreneurs, policy makers, funding agencies and trusts, travel agents, tourists, diplomats, investors, academics, governmental and inter-governmental organisations, promoters, arts foundations, cultural agencies, archivists, educationists, trainers, publicists, journalists, critics, students, musicians, actors, writers, filmmakers, fine artists, designers, sculptors, models, information-seekers and other decision-makers worldwide.

How has ArtMatters.Info become the reference point on arts and lifestyle in Africa?
Without pandering to tokenism, ArtMatters.Info brings out independent, in-depth and objective analyses of developments in the arts and culture spectrum from a journalistic viewpoint aimed at educating, informing, persuading, entertaining and flaunting creativity in Africa.

Does ArtMatters.Info run any skills-development programme?
ArtMatters.Info runs an internship programme for young journalists, media students and talented children and youth in arts and cultural journalism, creative and cultural entrepreneurship, video production, and event planning and presentation.

How reliable is ArtMatters.Info?
ArtMatters.Info has carved itself a niche as eastern and southern Africa’s premier critical arts and culture portal relied on even by reputable international media organisations for its independent, objective, balanced and incisive coverage. Though running on modern information communications technology platform, ArtMatters.Info adheres to traditional journalistic ethics and values.

What is the reach for ArtMatters.Info?
Although the original target for ArtMatters.Info was eastern and southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, the whole world is accessing and using ArtMatters.Info.

Who publishes ArtMatters.Info?
ArtMatters.Info is published by ComMattersKenya, a Nairobi-based organisation specialising in media, information, communication, arts, culture, and development.

How may I partner with ArtMatters.Info?
ArtMatters.Info invites investors, sponsors, and advertisers to share in its vision.

Why should I advertise on ArtMatters.Info?
The clearly defined audience of ArtMatters.Info simplifies advertising scheduling and enables advertisers to target their messages more effectively to not only a captive audience but those who make the ultimate decisions.

Tell me more why I should advertise or sponsor ArtMatters.Info:
1. Africa’s biggest economies use it
2. Major industrialised nations rely on it
3. Leading Middle Eastern Countries visit it
4. Top search engines list it as one of the ‘most visited arts and culture’ websites
5. Major website monitors are focused on it around the clock
6. Many leading online businesses want their links on it
7. The world’s most populous nations don’t ignore it
8. Leading Western institutions of higher learning offering Africa-related studies consult it
9. Publications that style themselves as ‘regional leaders’ pass off ArtMatters.Info’s authoritative content as their own
10. ArtMatters.Info highlights good practice worldwide.

What can be advertised on ArtMatters.Info?
Anything that is creative, cultural, in good taste, within human experience, and does not offend children or embarrass families in Africa can be advertised on ArtMatters.Info. However, ArtMatters.Info does not accept hate, racist, or ‘adults only’ material and services for advertising.

Where can I get ArtMatters.Info advertising rates?
Potential advertisers are invited to contact ArtMatters.Info for its all time low advertising rates.

How may I contact ArtMatters.Info?
ArtMatters.Info can be contacted via email, telephone, and physical address:
Ngong Road, Ngong Hills
Cell +254 722 486531; +254 733 703374
Nairobi, Kenya (EA).

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