Privacy Policy

Any mail sent to ArtMatters.Info is assumed for publication unless the author indicates otherwise.

ArtMatters.Info may collect names and email addresses of users who specifically and knowingly provide such information when communicating with ArtMatters.Info.

However ArtMatters.Info, out of respect for and protection of the privacy of users, does not rent, sell, or share such personal information about users with third parties.

ArtMatters.Info does not release any personably identifying information about our users unless the user concerned specifically authorises ArtMatters.Info to do so.

Only a court of competent jurisdiction, sitting in Nairobi, Kenya, could compel ArtMatters.Info to divulge specific personal information about a user.

ArtMatters.Info reserves the right to update this policy to ensure more privacy to its users and to be abreast of industry and legal trends. However, ArtMatters.Info will post such changes on this site so that users are always aware of the information collected about them, how it is used.


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